Pedals : the new Free Line pedals of HI-TECH lines will be in forged aluminum with the

characteristic of greater robustness and will offer various position adjustments to be able to

adapt to the different needs and characteristics of each driver

Bracket Gear Lever : the new “Bracket Gear lever” HI-TECH will be in forged aluminum

and as characteristic will have more rigidity in order to warranty a more precise and direct

gear shifting.

Graphics : as every year, the graphics have been review to give an aggressive and modern


Pods : all the 2022 karts will be equipped with new “KG of latest homologation model 507,

both front and rear

Brake : the brake system will remain the current one on all the models MINI , OK , KZ e DD2(all

re-homologated). One new front brake system was homologated for KZ category which is still

under development; upon successful of the test (towards spring 2022) it will be marketed as


Hubs : were developed new rear hub diameter 50mm long 100mm with a different structure

more massive in order to give more GRIP to the kart .

They will be sold as spare parts: code 10.15638.00-NE HUB 50X100-8A BIG.